18 December 2011

Frankenfruit Tomato!!!

I make it a habit not to buy any genetically modified or non-organic produce.  I went to HEB instead of the organic markets I typically visit because it was almost midnight and I had to prepare food for a gathering the next day.   HEB was out of organic tomatoes, so I purchased the reddest, ripest looking tomatoes on the vine they had.  They looked like they were so ripe, they would split their skins the very next day.

I made a beautiful tomato and basil salad that unfortunately had very little tomato flavor, but was appreciated by those I presented it to. I used all but one tomato; here is a photo I took of it this morning.  

But,  I purchased the tomato 75 days ago!!! 

My friends and relatives have been marvelling at this since the second week.  Amazingly, I keep my bananas right next to where the tomato has been for almost 2 1/2 months.  Note:  Bananas ripen tomatoes and other fruits at a much faster rate  because of the ethylene gas they put off.  

I have included a close-up of the sticker from the colorful, super-shelf-life  freak of nature (becoming the standard) if you want to find out more about this company and the "food" they are selling to you and the people you love. 

Please get involved.  There are many groups involved in trying to stop the destruction of our food supply in spite of the corporate and government support. Here are just a few:

I am calling my HEB to have them remove this product and others like it.


Anonymous said...

hi there all the best to yous for 2012
a beilin

Shea said...

I would like to know more about this and also what is HEB?

Food Forest Retreat said...

Sorry Shea,
somehow I missed your message. HEB is a grocery store, the acronym stands for Henry E. Butts. I guess they thought people would rather purchase from HEB than Butts Store.

My guess is, by now you'be got a pretty good idea of what GMOs are.