07 March 2013

Tonight is the last night I plan on mourning the death of my mother.  I am stating this in the hope that doing so will help me to gain some closure and momentum in my own life.

She has been my protector, provider, teacher, inspiration & guide and I will always miss her.  But I cannot continue to mourn the way I have.  It has impacted each day since she left very profoundly.  Tonight, I'll drink a few beers; withdraw for a while and allow myself time to say goodbye.  I am not setting her aside, but restarting my life.

I will always love you, Mom.  Thank you for letting me spend your last night with you.  It meant so much.


Dino Buchanan said...

Love, love and love to you and your momma.

Erik said...

A quick update...
The morning after this post, we found out Samantha and I are pregnant!!!