12 October 2006

Morning Music

I, too, believe in a better way. Share your way.

"Better Way"
  • I'm a living sunset
  • Lightning in my bones
  • Push me to the edge
  • But my will is stone
  • Fools will be fools
  • And wise will be wise
  • But I will look this world
  • Straight in the eyes
  • What good is a man
  • Who won't take a stand
  • What good is a cynic
  • With no better plan
  • Reality is sharp
  • It cuts at me like a knife
  • Everyone I know
  • Is in the fight of their life
  • Take your face out of your hands
  • And clear your eyes
  • You have a right to your dreams
  • And don't be denied
  • I believe in a better way


Jill said...

I love your site! Your mix of art, music, and that politics stuff is nice. None of it is too much. I like how you balance love and the news. I believe in a better way. I like to wake up slowly and think of everyone I love.
Have a blessed day,

Erik said...

I believe in treating everyone with respect and in helping those around me. I believe in healing through touch, dance, song, art, information and love. I believe in mindful, communication. My way includes art, massage, politics, and joyful exuberance. What are your ways?