10 November 2006

Democrats take the House and the Senate

I know I said I wasn't going to post while in Canada, but I feel I need to address the "change of power" in the House and the Senate. Many Canadians and Americans that I have been speaking with are elated about Democrats taking control of both houses. I'm glad to see some of the most dangerous psychopaths and sycophants removed from office, but I am very skeptical.

I keep hearing that our government will now be working together. That sounds nice, but I would prefer that our House and Senate become completely stalemated. I've seen what our government can do when they join together to provide for the "security and safety" of US citizens and citizens of countries around the world. The result of Democrats and Republicans cooperating has brought us the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, and the Military Commissions Act of 2006. Each action that our "representatives" join hands on is more Draconian and oppressive than the last.

Republicans vs. Democrats is a false dichotomy!!! Wake up!!! Let's start holding all of our representatives accountable for their decisions. Otherwise, we will all be lost in the pendulum swing between the two parties and their ideals. When the pendulum swings between these two parties it barely moves. Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership has already promised not to pursue impeachment.

Here's something that might add to our safety...force legislators to read the bills prior to voting on them. Then...hold them accountable for how they voted. (Of course this means getting involved.) This seems like it would be common sense. It seems like our representatives might want to actually do what they are being paid $160K a year to do.

I'll be editing this message when I have access to a computer for more than 10 minutes and access to a computer with something other than Chinese characters.

Keep the pressure on your representatives. It seems like a good time to relax, but now is a good time to get involved.

As always...I welcome your input. If you don't want to respond on my blog...send me an e-mail.


Old Man Cartwright said...

This is all starting to come together like a bad series of dreams. I don’t know, maybe I am becoming paranoid and the way things are happening are just a series of bad coincidences.

1. The Patriot Act.
2. COPLAN 8022
3. 3 revisions to The Patriot Act
4. HR.-418, 1070, and the Intelligence Reform Bill 2004
5. The battle to resign the Patriot Act.
6. Courts finding in Bush’s favor on NSSA domestic wiretapping.
7. The Congress gift of torture and canceling of Habeas Corpus, with the Military Commissions Act of 2006.
8. What’s Next????????

Erik said...

Codex Alimentarius and The Dietary Supplement and Non-Prescription Consumer Protection Act, (S.3546 & H.R.6168)