21 November 2006

October 10th attack on Kirkuk Ammo Depot

I'm back and have received several requests for the footage I told a number of you about prior to my trip. For those of you who get your news from the TV,
I bring you the results of an attack on Kirkuk Airbase in Iraq.
"Intelligence indicates that civilians aligned with a militia organization were responsible for last night's mortar attack," base spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Withington said.

The same Fox News article states:
There were no injuries reported, and Withington said the attack had no strategic effect.
Watch both versions (there are others available). The first video was the first I saw. They were showing it on a recap of Mosaic TV. About 3 minutes and 50 seconds to 4 minutes in, there is a flash in the background that fills the screen and all that remains when the picture returns is a mushroom cloud. I thought, "Well...maybe the film has been doctored. I'll see if I can find footage throught the American news. I didn't find any such thing. But I did find footage from an American bunker.

(From the Islamic Media Alliance)
(Not in English)
Filmed from a bunker:

Fox News is one of the few sources to report it and it did so by this headline:
Insurgents Spark Fire at U.S. Ammo Dump; 14 Dead in Iraq Violence. See it here.

Did anyone see this stuff on the news?

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There is no liberal media. There is no conservative media. There is only Clear Channel and Youtube. Thanks Youtube.