01 March 2007

Canada Moves Toward Freedom

The press reported it as: The Canadian parliament has voted against renewing "anti-terror" measures that had been adopted after the 9/11 attacks. I report it as: Canada just removed anti-freedom measures that were pushed through by neo-conservatives shortly after fear gripped the public in 2001.

The BBC said of the two parts voted down:
The measures allowed suspects to be detained without charge for three days and could compel witnesses to testify." This occurred only days after the Supreme Court revoked another right-free law allowing, "...foreign suspects to be detained indefinitely on the basis of secret evidence." Reuters

Their Supreme Court ruled that, "A system allowing the government to indefinitely detain foreign-born terror suspects or deport them violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. "
Prime Minister Harper, in the footsteps of a famous Texan, accused the opposition of being soft on terror.

Mister Harper: Maintaining the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is not being soft on terror, it is being strong on freedom. I hope you recognize that championing freedom and civil rights is of greater value to your people than being a champion of control and the police state.

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NWJR said...

You're finding out what we in the States already know...you get the guv'mint you elect, and deserve.