09 April 2007

Morning Music

The Saint's Hallelujah

Back by popular request: Canadian Brass performing 3 pieces in this one video: Little Fugue in G minor, Handel's Hallelujah Chorus and 'When the Saints go Marching In'. The last two pieces are combined to form 'The Saint's Hallelujah'.

I believe this performance was for Victor Borge show. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Erik said...

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Lawyer 1965 Blue said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday Mikey, whoever you are. If Erik likes you, I do too.

Thanks for posting this. I still want more CB videos. I hope your transition to Canada goes as quick as you want. You will be missed.

Long live the renaissance man!

Blonde chaude said...

Would you consider France?

blonde chaude said...

J'ai presque oubliƩ. Joyeux Anniversaire Mikey!

Gilbert Mannin said...

3 of my favorite things"
This has them all.

I have been enjoying the Canadian Brass Entries.

More please.

Jenn & James said...

I liked the other ones better, but I am happy you are posting the Cnadadian Brass videos. I am thinking about moving there, to. What parts do you like best and why?

~mikey said...

Thanks for the birthday greeting Erik! Also thanks to lawyer 1965 et merci to blonde chaude.
It was very nice time spent with family. We had a birthday/Easter dinner gathering at the same time. I actually got a birthday balloon - the first in MANY, MANY years. In fact, maybe my first one ever! Enjoyed the Canadian Brass.

Mercenary 1 said...

More!!! Music is one of the few things we agree on! One of the very few.

Erik said...

May you have many more balloons, Mikey.