21 May 2007

Birthday Wish Came True

The ticket search is over!!!
The Astral Cowboy and crew will be camping with the Arctic Force Camp.

(Artwork by Erik Kuykendall)

Thank you for all of the leads on tickets for my birthday!!! I never expected such a great response. Even when I was too late to get the tickets from the leads, I met some really great people. I am blessed with wonderful friends. Thanks again.

See You There!


DragonSongbird said...

Oh yes....I WILL see you there!


Anonymous said...

Is that an Astral tear I see on your cheek?

firegirlcrew said...

I can't wait to see you and meet the ones you love so dearly. You are an amazing spirit.

Erik said...

It's a happy Astral tear.

Erik said...

What an incredible time! We had to miss part of a night or two due to schedule conflicts, but loved our time out there. Look forward to seeing you all there next year.