17 May 2007

Morning Music - Blue King Brown

Natalie Pa'apa'a is the vocalist for Blue King Brown. Activism can be very sexy.

(photo byKia Mistilis)

Blue King Brown performing 'Water':

"They have the tendency to put in their pockets everything they see,
They‘ve been taking lands all across the globe
And writing down their name on every rock and stone.
But it ain't no mystery, they’re keeping the children from their ancestry
They lock them out of their sacred ground
Well, one day I’m gonna see them pull those fences down

Blue King Brown is composed of:

Natalie Pa'apa'a: Guitars, Vocals, Percussion
Carlo Santone: Bass, BV's
Juilian Goyma: Drums
Salvador Persico: Percussion
Sam Cope: Rhodes, Hammond, Clav, Wurly

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