02 May 2007

Police Attack Journalists at Protest

Late last night, I turned on the TV. As there was little on, I flipped channels until I got to our Spanish-speaking channel and realized they were talking about an immigration protest in L.A.. I watched the video and was disgusted. Not only did I see police swinging batons at parents heads as they ran from the melee with toddlers in their arms, I saw the police (without provocation) attack a TV news crew (or two). They struck from behind, knocking them to the ground, kicking them and beating them with batons. The still below is from one of the videos. The girl in the white shirt is a TV reporter trying to help up her cameraman who was clubbed, thrown to the ground and kicked. As she moves to help him up, an officer strikes her from behind. I'm hoping the full video will appear on the web soon.

The police, as usual, claim that anarchists not involved in the protest threw rocks and a bottle...so they attacked the crowd of families and journalists. It is interesting that this is the same claim they make over and over when the police state lashes out against its enemy: the public.

When is this country going to skip a night or two of Tivo and attempt to regain control of our local, state and federal "law enforcement"? Has anyone seen this on white-people TV? I know I haven't.


RWinger said...

Wah, wah, wah. Big deal. You haven't had first amendment rights for a while now. Why should they. Why should anyone have civil rights? We function better without them.

Jose Jimenez said...

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves"- Abraham Lincoln