02 May 2007

New Marijuana Studies

Read about new marijuana studies that may give new life to the medical marijuana debate here.

"Back in 1999, the Institute of Medicine's White House-commissioned report on medical marijuana conceded marijuana's medical benefits, saying that what is needed is "a nonsmoked rapid-onset cannabinoid drug delivery system.""

"The new studies -- one from the University of California, San Francisco, and the other from the University at Albany, State University of New York -- confirm that such a system is here. It's called vaporization, and has been familiar to medical marijuana patients for many years, but few outside the medical marijuana community know it exists. Unlike smoking, a vaporizer does not burn the plant material, but heats it just to the point at which the THC and the other cannabinoids vaporize. In the Volcano vaporizer tested at UCSF, the vapors are collected in a detachable plastic bag with a mouthpiece for inhalation."
"The smoking argument was the closest thing to a scientifically meaningful objection to medical marijuana. While marijuana smoke, unlike tobacco, has never been shown to cause lung cancer, heavy marijuana smoking has been associated with assorted respiratory symptoms and a potentially increased risk of bronchitis."

You can check out the Storz & Bickel website here.


Jinxy DV-8 said...

But it benefits so many. I want to show my hubby this. The pressure from his eyes due to Glaucoma has reduced almost 50% with medicine and marijuana. Even the doctor's are impressed.

FedJudge1 said...

Finally. I'm so glad this is getting some press. The "doctors" keep prescribing narcotics for my pain and other prescriptions to deal with the impact of the narcotics. Marijuana is the only thing I have found that helps and doesn't have such negative side effects. Thanks for posting this. I'll send it to all my friends.