01 June 2007

Austin - Stinking Hellhole of Sin?

This lady pulls no punches as she shares her opinions about Austin, Texas. She calls it a "Stinking Hellhole of Sin" and says it "Stinks of all that former Hippie stuff". It appears she blames tolerance and intellectualism for the "putrification" of our fine city. She says that she, however, has overcome the intellectualism that seems to impact the rest of the city.

Thanks to one of my readers for sending this one in. I'm always interested to hear what people think of Austin.


AG Donna said...

Where did you find this woman? I know she doesn't go to my church!

kelli said...

she doesn't go to mine either! ugh!

If she really wants to preach about something she'd have a lot more to talk about living somewhere like LA. They'd likely make a movie about her...and have a lot of take-away shots of her interviewer trying not to snicker like Mr. Nodding Man from this clip. *cheeky grin*