24 September 2007

The Astral Cowboy Canadian Photo Trip

I am off to Canada!!!

I am off to Canada and will be available for massages in Austin again as of the 8th of October. If you are interested in getting on the schedule when I return, please send me a quick message with the best days and times for you and I to meet and I will try to return everyone's calls and e-mails quickly when we return.

This trip is my first out-of-the-country trip as a professional photographer. I hope to have the photo books available for sale within 2 months of my return. Thank you for all of your support.

There are no ordinary moments.
I wish you peace, health and joy,

Positive Pressure Massage


Julian's blog said...

Dear Truth & Beauty:
Heh, have fun in the Great White North...
I'm a Canuck residing in sunny California; wish I was goin', too.

Angela Reynolds said...

I am looking for you on the streets here!