14 September 2007

Morning Music - The Gotan Project

I was really in poor spirits earlier today. However, my friend got sick and couldn't go to the Gotan Project concert at Stubbs. I am not happy she was sick, but I am thrilled I was able to use her ticket. The performers included 3 violinists, a cellist, 2 DJs, a pianist, a guitarist, an accordion player and a female crooner. They were all dressed in white formals and never missed a beat. The live show was amazing. They are fabulous musicians and CDs and videos do not do them justice. The Gotan Project is a must see band made up of members from Paris and Buenos Aires.

I have included a couple of videos to give you a brief sample of their music. Do what you can to catch them live, you won't be sorry.
"Mi Confesion"

(from their album, Lunatico)


(from their album, Lunatico)

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