05 January 2008

A Giuliani-Cheney Ticket for 2008?

And you thought it couldn't get scarier.

(photo: Susan Biddle-Washington Post)

Giuliani muses on a vice president:

Later, Giuliani pivoted from a question about potential picks for secretary of state to this: "Let me answer with the question of what you would look for in a vice president first -- again without any presumption that I'm going to be the nominee."

In an answer that mentioned Cheney more than once, Giuliani said, "A vice president has to be a partner in the administration. The vice president has to know everything that's going on, just in case the vice president has to step in at a moment's notice," he said. He added that during a conversation with Cheney on Sept. 11, 2001, he felt the vice president "had a sense that he knew what he was doing."

Can this guy open his mouth without saying 9/11?

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