28 January 2008

State of the Union Address?

The manufactured drama has gone beyond satire. It isn't even good propaganda:

We're winning and bringing troops home! Be afraid, be very afraid of terrorists. We should prepare to invade another country that has not attacked us. 9/11,9/11. $1000.00 in your pocket. 9/11,9/11. ...We must provide retroactive immunity for those who trounce(d) your rights! This from he who is sworn to "...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

(picture acquired from defenselink site)

Thankfully there is the pre and post-address punditry so we know how we should feel about it.

I am tired. I'm going to bed.


Ann said...

He has such an idiotic face, 24/7. He has gotten away with things that other presidents (ie Clinton) would have caused an uproar. Yet people just turn a blind eye, let this administration ruin the country, and continue to let the corporations rule.

Erik said...

I am frustrated with everyone looking the other way, as well. My hope is that blind eyes will open and personal responsibility within our own government will blossom.

It means that we all have to pay attention to the the unpleasantries of politics and dealing with politicos. I am willing. Who is with me?