28 January 2008

Cedar Fever Fire?

My brother lives in the Texas hill country. He sent me this note and 4 second video:
"It was blowing up high, in the middle, and even down low..... I swear, I thought my yard was on fire at first.... I really wish I had gotten the initial footage that caught my eye! This was taken in my front yard on Sunday Jan 27, 2008. Each time the wind blew, it looked as if the trees were on fire. I had to rinse my car off before I could even get into it!"
He only captured a few seconds, on his cell phone, but you get the idea.

Does this help explain why we call this area of Texas "Allergy Alley"?

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kelli said...

I breathe! I breathe! And I cough and wheeze! This is why we TRAVEL in the winter! :)