19 February 2008

Glass Prism Tribute to Rex Whistler

I was looking for something beautiful to distract my mind from politics and ugliness in the world and I stumbled across a stunning engraved prism created by Sir Laurence Whistler as a memorial for his brother, Rex Whistler. The engraving is of the Cathedral of Salisbury in Britain.

Rex, often known in pop culture for his illustrations in Gulliver's Travels and Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales, lived in the cathedral and was killed in WWII in Normandy. He died after being hit by a mortar shell on his first day in action in July 1944.

The result of Sir Laurence Whistler's efforts are stunning. He created a the work with partial images engraved near the prism edges which are completed by reflections within the prism. As the prism rotates, a series of scenes in and around the cathedral become visible.

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Amber said...

Speechless! This is absolutely incredible. They should shoot this into space as a testament to what we can do. ;)