22 February 2008

Rogue Spy Satellite Blast

The danger of the rogue spy satellite falling from the sky and hitting the U.S. has been neutralized. The following is video of a Navy SM-3 Missile being launched and finding it's target. This activity has upset many others around the world who question the U.S. government's intentions.

"Robert Gates, the defence secretary, last night acknowledged that the technology used in the mission proved that America’s missile defence shield worked. The missile deployed, an SM3, was designed to hit other missiles as part of the shield." (1)

Wired chimes in on it here.


hotwheelqt said...

Is the danger for the hydrazine really that great?

It's odorless. A drop of it will kill you before you even know it's there. And this satellite had 1000 pounds of it.

Erik said...

No one questions the danger of hydrazine, only the motivations of the government.