16 February 2008

Keith Olbermann - Mr. Bush, You Are a Fascist!

Keith Olbermann commenting on the House standing up to Mr.Bush's fascist push to retroactively grant immunity to the telecom companies.

Some of my favorite lines:
"You are a fascist. Get them to print you a t-shirt with "Fascist" on it!"
"This Saturday at midnight", you said today, "legislation authorizing intelligence professionals to quickly and effectively monitor terrorist communications will expire. If Congress does not act by that time, our ability to find out who the terrorists are talking to, what they are saying and what they are planning will be compromised." You said that "the lives of countless Americans depend" on your getting your way."

"This is crap. And you sling it with an audacity and a speed unrivaled by even the greatest political felons of our history."

What do you think?


Ada said...

Great to find another fan of Keith, but he is on point.
You got BOB vote!

Erik said...

Thanks Ada. Yah...Keith has quite a way with words. I wish there were no need for his words, but as you so aptly put it...he is on point.