25 March 2008

Art Afternoon

I created "Armstrong Afternoon" with tape and chalk pastels.

The Rainbow Asparagus was created as a wax relief with oil pastels.

This is one that my child-self created from an elementary school art technique of layering colors. I used pastels, rather than Crayons for "3 Layers of Lonely".

All of the above works measure approximately 24" x 36".

1 comment:

Dragonsongbird said...

Loneliness is catching;
dream depths find me catching
my breath as I wake
to purple-yellow streaks
in my eyes.

Innocent laughter
~untouched by loneliness~
vibrating from another room,
carries me gently into the day.

The many heads I need to survive, bloom into a bouquet of colours.
They think, create, love, scold,
plan, act, and...
I carry them proudly on my neck; unbent by burden.

I spend each day with you
in one of those heads.
I think of all the things
I want to share. But,
the others compete for
time; space; air. I breathe.

And begin another day.