06 March 2008

Billboard Liberation Front

This is a real billboard (after "advertising improvements") in SanFrancisco.

The Billboard Liberation Front, on the 28th of February, announced a new advertising improvement campaign executed on behalf of clients AT&T and the National Security Agency.

The BLF spokesperson, Blank DeCoverly, said:
"This campaign is an extraordinary rendition of a public-private partnership. These two titans of telecom have a long and intimate relationship, dating back to the age of the telegraph. In these dark days of Terrorism, that should be a comfort to every law-abiding citizen with nothing to hide."

Do you know how your rep is going to vote on FISA? Does your rep think that search warrants are important? Is your rep going to say it's OK to throw away the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? The FISA vote is right around the corner!

Find and contact your representative


Jason said...

I heart the BLF!

Erik said...

Me too, Jason...Me too.

Activists? Artists? Artivists.

Here's a quick article on artivists:


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