05 March 2008

Lunchtime Surprise

I was having lunch with a friend at Wildwood Art Cafe and noticed that Joan had recently brought back some new Oaxacan Day of the Dead figurines. There was one, created by Loreno, that caught my eye--styled like Sub-Commander Marcos of the Zapatistas.

I've never seen another Day of the Dead figurine fashioned after a revolutionary leader. I am certain they exist, but had not seen one before and I made a pretty big deal about that fact.

We had a nice lunch with so much laughter that our bellies hurt. After lunch I went to the restroom and when I returned I discovered that my friend had purchased this treasure for me.

It is a wonderful gift I will cherish for a long time. Thanks Austin.


Amber said...

Awesome! I love skullys and muertos, although they are hard to find here in Virginia if you don't make them yourself. :)

All hail the ancestors! We walk on their backs, we keep them alive in our memories.

Erik said...

Ya. I can imagine they are pretty tough to find up there. I had been averse to purchasing Oaxacan art as the artists are often paid nothing and the "gallery" recognizes all of the gain.

This one was brought back by a lady who travels to Oaxaca on a very regular basis. She pays the artisans like artisans.

All hail the ancestors. May we learn from their adventures.

Anonymous said...

frickin cool... me likey the dead stuff!
Viva la revolucion!

Erik said...

Thanks. Now I have my eye on Comandanta Ramona. How could we separate the two?