08 April 2008

Canada Bound

I'm off for another BC photo tour; my intention is to put a book out by Christmas. I just got my plane ticket for tomorrow morning and I leave the house before 6 am. I'm still not through packing, paying bills and washing dishes...but I will be.

I will return to the states on the 14th.


Amber said...

Arrive Alive in Style and Grace,
Disturbing Neither Time nor Space!



Anonymous said...

well well.... have fun. I'll be in touch. I am planning a dinner for Blake on the 15th so I hope you 2 can make it! You have to. No excuses. Tell BC Dino says hi.

Ann said...

Have a wonderful trip!

DragonSongbird said...

I am such a lucky girl! It was soooooooo nice to have you here! Forever and Always.

~Your Canadian Songbird

Liara Covert said...

I like the beaver. Something indescribable inspires people about Canada. Maybe its in the spirit or air? What does it for you?

Erik said...

Thank you for all of your well wishes. It was incredible and I hope to blog a bit very soon. I have been rushing to catch up after our whirlwind tour.

Erik said...

For me, it is the spirit of Canada. We love the people and the countryside is breathtaking.

When we entered the Kootenays we found a Machu Picchu energy. An energy of creativity, community and connection.