15 April 2008

Incredible Trip

Thank you to the O'Briens for all the wonderful Canadian hospitality. They shared the arts, culture, sights, sounds and flavours of the Okanagan with us and generously allowed us to share their home during our stay. We are thankful they are our friends.

DRIVE SAFELY dear friends.

(Photo: Arlene Waghalter)

Special thanks to Otto Wickstrom for the countryside tour and to the Emeny's for sharing their incredible story and homestead with us. We really enjoyed it. (Arlene paid special attention to Otto's photo preferences.)

Home again, home again. As usual, we had a fantastic time photographing the Okanagan. I tried to stay on task to shoot just what I came for, but there is so much beauty everywhere. I have enough for 2 projects. I am going to try to get some sleep as I missed a flight and ended up taking a full 24 hours (with no sleep) to get home. It wasn't necessarily a bad experience, but I would rather have been cuddled up at home with my sweetheart.

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