12 May 2008

Fox's Subliminal McCain

I stumbled across this video on Mascot Moscat's blog, "Flies in the Kitchen". In his blog article, he says:
"I was editing a video today when, while scrolling through this Fox News intro, I saw a very familiar face. A very Republican face."

If you want to ask questions, thank her for sharing her discovery or accuse her of creating this to discredit the ever-honorable Fox News, you can e-mail her at fliesinthekitchen@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

People who look for demons everywhere inevitably find them, for they lie in their own twisted minds and sick mentalities. I'm a psych prof. and I'd call such people "delusional", "paranoid", and "obsessed".
They need some serious counseling to overcome their Fundamentalist "Christian" brainwashing, an evil thing in itself.

Wolf said...

And yet he STILL lost! Guess it takes more than just a bit of subliminal advertising to overcome the crap of the previous 8 years, much less his blather.

Erik said...


I'm not sure what you mean by your comment. As a psych professor, aren't you a bit quick to throw around words like: delusional", "paranoid", and "obsessed" to describe noticing an anomoly on TV?

Are you saying that there is no subliminal advertising and that anyone who thinks they saw some is paranoid?

Where does the Christian element come in?

Don't discount McCain's personal contributions, including, but not limited to: His record with MIA Vietnam Vets and voting against veterans benefits repeatedly.