18 May 2008

Hacking Democracy

Are you interested in the election process?
Bev Harris is an amazing and brave woman. She stumbled across information that lead her to believe that the fate of our Democracy jeopardized. The following documentary exposes the vulnerability of computer voting systems which count about 80% of of the votes in the United States. This video is the journey she took to validate her suspicions.

Visit Black Box Voting for more information.


Jackie said...

We still hand count in Africa. I think it is still the best method.

Thanks for nice comment. Nice to know the recipes come in handy :)

Erik said...

Hand counting actually has a verifiable paper trail, the video voting has trust. I prefer paper to trust in matters of voting.

David Tamayo said...

http://www.itsallaboutabandonment.com is a site authored by a fellow blogcatalog member. He raises the same concern using the same video. An enforceable answer to this can only be found by a group of like minded people getting together and working as a team create change. Get together and start the ball rolling. =)