29 August 2008

ABC Reporter Aggressively Arrested at DNC

ABC reporter, Asa Eslocker was arrested in Denver while taking pictures of Senators, lobbyists and big donors at the DNC.  Notice how members of the press are treated and maybe you will understand my concern.  Our police are squaring off with the press and our decorated veterans. 

Watch a police officer shove ASA into traffic, across the street and then is joined by his thug buddies, one of whom grips his throat and then twists the producer's arm behind him to cuff him.

I miss serve and protect, I oppose intimidate and enslave.


Henry Cate said...

Thank you for reporting on this.

If you want to voice your concern, call or email the Denver Mayor and the City council:


Erik said...

Thank you for the info, Henry.

Erik said...

It's not much, but I had a moment, I hope my readers will do at least as much...hopefully more. Here is my leader to Mayor Hickenlooper:

Dear Mr. Mayor,

It is with all due respect that I write to let you know I am offended by videos I have seen of the Denver police and how they have conducted themselves during the DNC. After seeing an ABC producer, harassed, pushed into traffic, choked and arrested I felt I could not, in good conscience,not take the time to write and request that you do something.

I believe you would agree what happened was shameful and never should have happened and never should again. I ask that you return public safety and the confidence of the citizenry of Denver (your Constituency) and citizens of the United States by searching out these offenders and making public examples of them. I ask that you review the police protocol for dealing with peaceful citizens and members of the press. American citizens should not be viewed as threats and targets by the police. The pre-DNC raids on peaceful dissenters and the intimidation tactics used should also be reviewed.

The first amendment hangs in the balance.

I eagerly await your response.


Erik Kuykendall

Henry Cate said...

I sent an email last Friday and got a response today. Basically it said they take allegations of police abuse very seriously and they were investigating.

Political Realm said...

This is actually quite stunning and I hadn't seen anything about this anywhere else. I'd like to see how the city and police respond to this. Thanks for posting it, Erik.