01 September 2008

Police Seize Journalists Computers, Cameras and Notes

What is happening in our country?  

Artists/Journalists in Minneapolis were stopped, detained, questioned, searched and removed of personal property.  This group of journalists from the Glass Bead Collective is known for documenting police misconduct and first amendment protest activities around the U.S..

The all said they would not
consent to a search, but the Minneapolis police allegedly searched them anyway. They allegedly confiscated their cell phones, 2 video cameras, 2 skill cameras, a computer, personal objects and money.

You can gain more information about it at http://theuptake.org

Clip from "The Uptake"
Quid cutodiet ipsos custodes?


BlueCatJane said...

I consider Minneapolis my home town. My heart is broken. This is not the America or the Minneapolis I know.

I will write a letter like you did to Denver. Thank you for sticking your neck out to tell their stories.

Political Realm said...

Again, this is quite stunning. To see this happen in two of America's largest cities is sad.