02 September 2008

Police Detain and Attempt to Intimidate More Journalists

Thanks again to the brave people at The Uptake!  It is through your efforts and those like you that we may be able to salvage our Constitutional rights.  Keep the spotlight of truth shining in the darkness, dear patriots.  Thank you for fighting for the rights of Americans.
"Sat. Aug 30, 2008. Saint Paul, MN Police Department raids a home at 951 Iglehart Avenue at gunpoint. The journalists include a contributing photojournalist with "Democracy Now", whose host Amy Goodman appears in this clip jumping a fence to question police officers."

"This is part of a series of police actions on the eve of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul."

"After several hours, all those detained were released. No arrests. No property was seized as result of the search warrant. The clip ends with an interview with homeowner Mike Whalen. At the start of the clip, a neighbor shouts to the media and onlookers that we could all come into her backyard to see the detained people held in the adjacent backyard."

Didn't I say I wanted to focus on art, music and beauty? I said I didn't want to focus on politics. Well...I haven't given either of the false-dichotomy choices any more time on my blog. However, the police state is being documented very well at the moment and there are some very important happenings I feel people should see. If you find something wonderful and beautiful that you think might be a welcome relief to my blog readers, please send it in.

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