21 October 2008

Hollaback Girl of Constant Sorrow

This morning brings another fun video. This is an unlikely blend of Gwen Stephani and the Soggy Bottom Boys in a tune called "Hollaback Girl of Constant Sorrow".

(Found at C&L)

If anyone knows the artist who put this together, please forward their name and any other info you have on them. Hope you got a kick out of it, too.


Lilize said...

ooooooohhhh c'mon, u got george clooney singing and gwen in her cargo pants and tank t IN MOTION!!! lol

i loved the blog, btw ;)

Erik said...

LOL Actually this wasn't on here when I commented, but you have quite a point.

kelli said...

awesome! thanks Erik...you just re-spurred my writing this afternoon :)

Erik said...

Glad I could help. It made me say, "Oooooo Coool".

rws said...

that mash-up is a gem -- thanks for posting it. :)

Shea said...

Thanks, I somehow missed this one.
It's cool, I like Gwen a lot too, I saw her with No Doubt at SIU in the 90's when they opened for Bush, great concert