03 October 2008

Homer Simpson Tries to Vote for Obama

The future is here. Watch as Homer attempts to place his vote for Obama. If you are concerned about electronic vote tallying, get informed and involved here.

Even the cartoons leave out all of the rest of the candidates for President. Granted, the Simpsons is a show on Fox.


Amber said...

Woah. Been years since I saw the Simpsons!

I just knew you'd get my post about Michael, if no one else did. :) I've been branded as mad for most of my life, and so has my family - just for finding joy in small things.

More than anything, I love to be a bright mirror to those around me - reflecting what is given but returning blessings, even when it is curses that are given. I see that in you as well, Erik! I hope our paths do cross in the physical realm some day! You look like a great hugger. :)

Be well, and enjoy the early autumn breezes!

Erik said...

I was vocally thanking all that is for the autumn breezes just this morning. They awaken parts of me that doze in the hot Texas summers. I'm certain if anyone saw me, I looked a bit crazy staring at the clouds and having a conversation. :)

Love > Fear

Droo said...

Moments like this make me long for days of the first spring and autumn air. It makes burying reality far back into my mind that much easier. Ignorance can be bliss, but it does not last forever. Electronic voting is truly only convenient for the parties in power. Who can't mark a piece of paper or flip a switch instead to provide some sort of physical audit trail? Having pretty colors, touchscreens and easily hackable voting machines is at best lazy and giving up our votes at worst.