17 October 2008

McKinney/Clemente in 2008

Think that no presidential candidate cares about trillions of dollars missing each year?   Think no presidential candidate is asking real questions about 9/11?  Think again.  Think Cynthia McKinney.

This is the 1st all-women-of-color presidential ticket in US history! 

I am still amazed that hardly anyone knows about Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente. You would think that it might get a mention on the news. Somehow ABC, NBC, CBS and (fair and balanced) Fox News seemed to have missed it. 

Do you want to vote for someone who has not supported the dissolution of the Bill of Rights as Barack Obama and John McCain have? Cynthia is an option. She is running on the Green Party ticket. Rather than choosing between the lesser of two evils, how about not voting for evil at all?

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Shea said...

interesting, and never heard of them, as you state the truth once again