29 October 2008

Paper Ballots Are a Must!!!

Please ask for paper ballots when voting!!!

The first video is a full length film called "Hacking Democracy". It is a documentary I hope all my readers will watch. I sent it to all my friends and family back in May and hope that everyone has watched it and acted on what they discovered.

Here's an interesting video where an election official is showing how to recalibrate a machine and trying to make justifications for the vote switching that has been occurring. It is completely counter-intuitive that we would allow anyone to attempt to recalibrate a machine mid-election. We need to rid ourselves of this system in which there is no way to possibly go back to verify the results of an election.

You can find out more at Black Box Voting, The Brad Blog and Video the Vote.


droo said...

I would like to add that calibration can only occur when the supervisor module is plugged into the machine on the left side of the screen. Still, any polling official can intentially screw up the machine at any time. Every year there is something that goes wrong with these machines. Why aren't these companies interested in producing a foolproof, auditable product? Because there is no incentive. Just make it good enough to appeal to the technology masses. Bah.

Shea said...

paper no longer available where I live

Cassie said...

Side note question...

What is your opinion on the war and bringing the troops home?

JJ said...

Reminds me of the opening of Sunday's episode of The Simpsons (Treehouse of Horror).

Erik said...

Droo: Yup, right again.

Shea: Here either.

Cassie: Wow. That's big and there isn't a red or blue answer. I would love to talk to you about it in great detail. Plus...I'd need more information. Are you talking about the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria or other countries we have been invading? Or were you speaking to the War on Drugs and the countries we have been "addressing"?

JJ: Ya me too. I put that on my blog a short while back. I was hoping comedy would bring more attention to the issue.