04 October 2008

Socialize Starting with the Poor, Not the Rich

George Bush vetoed a bill to cover chilren's healthcare but insists to protect these same children he needs to give that and much more to (worst-case) criminals, (best-case)  poor business men. 

If we are going to socialize America, shouldn't we start with the poor rather than the rich?


HoneyBSweet said...

thanks for your comment! :-) hopefully my blog gets up and running, but we'll see. I admire your search for truth and beauty...they are things I search for in my daily life, on a regular basis...if I didn't, my pessimistic side would pop out much more. Haha...
What's the point, without the search?


Roxy's Best Of... said...

Thanks for stopping by Roxiticus Desperate Housewives with your kind comment...you're a tough Battle of the Blogs competitor. Did you get my email a few weeks back about being my Austin TX Roxy blogger? I could commit to never taking you on again in BOTB...


droo said...

Conservative values are the enemy of socialism. Liberal opinion initially seems to favor socialism within the U.S., but I am not sure that is a great idea either. The fact that we are stuck with two-party system shows me that we still have a long way to go regarding our evolution. There are too many variants of physical, social, cultural, and economic states for each person to be effectively represented by our two favorite colors - blue and red. I know that human beings are capable of much more the "Religion-clinging, gun-totin' McCain/Palin ticket" or the "We definitely want some CHANGE that sounds a lot like the same ol' same ol' Obama/Biden platform" - yet I am disheartened that a lot of people are so easily swayed by thin marketing catchphrases instead of substance. We tolerate politicians who smile one minute and drive the knife in each other's back the next and wonder why we never receive the Happy America we were promised. Sorry for the soapbox... As a species, it is one of our standing biological orders to improve ourselves and the next generation. Not everyone follows this rule as you would expect from a species following Darwin's playbook. Anyone who says that humans have stopped evolving is quite short-sighted. The point being that part of better oneself and others is to complain. Complain, complain and complain some more until the desired result is achieved. Surely it is only one part of reaching the goal of Happy America, but it sure does wear you down. You almost want to live in that moment of spring and autumn breezes forever (reference to comment on Simpsons voting machines post). Ignoring and ignorance can be bliss and quite appealing at times.

Erik said...

Thank you for your comments Droo. You, and those like you, give me hope. AS we encourage each other and those around us to search out and demand substance.

Keep bettering yourself and keep complaining. If we do not speak up, the will assume we agree.

Take deep breaths. Inhale the sweetness of the breeze, appreciate it for those who come after you and complain, complain, complain. :)

Ignorance is bliss until it has consequences.

Much love.

Erik said...

You are right. It is all about the search, the journey. When the destination is reached, what is left?

Keep blogging we'll be visiting regularly.

I had not seen it...was stuck between 2 e-mails I had read and kept as new. I am honored and will read it shortly.