25 November 2008

Another Shot from the Arthouse of Ionic Futurism

Here is another shot of Dalana Castrell & AllexosQ's work from the Arthouse of Ionic Futurism:

Their work is full of symbolism and is peaceful, vibrant, enlightening and haunting.
If you would like to see her work, do it soon.  
They are heading to New York in the next couple of months.


Nico Dal Cero said...

Your pictures are great. They make me think of the expressive use of color of Pete Turner, one of my favorite photographers.

Erik said...

Thanks Nico. I really like your work too. We were admiring your work just moments ago. Art come from within, no matter the tools. Beauty is at every turn.

I looked at Pete Turner's work earlier this morning. It is quite lovely and I can see the similarities...especially in some of the work I don't post. Thank you for turning me on to him.