22 November 2008

East Austin Studio Tour Pictures

The East Austin Studio Tour provided a full day of East Austin fun and sights.  One of the studios we visited, "
Arthouse of Ionic Futurism", belonged to Dalana Castrell who shared her ideas, art and energy with us.  

She also introduced us to the amazing AllexosQ.  She incorporates much of AllexosQ's energy and art into her own art.

AllexosQ shared how she creates the comets in the heavens and how she then sees them in her dreams and how they inspire her art.

We spent some time at the Art Palace, as well.  Thoughtful work and worth hunting down.

Another artist we met today, Diana Cruz, does some very intricate work with straw that she dyes and then arranges in lovely ways.  When we first saw her work, we thought that it was embroidery. It is very impressive.  We plan to return tomorrow to have Diana teach us exactly how she does it.  I don't know if I will have the patience to stay for the entire lesson.  I may leave Arlene and Diana to create while I run around and take more pictures as Arlene is a far more patient artist than myself.

As we were heading back to the car, I grabbed this shot.

Hope to see you there tomorrow.

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