15 December 2008

Malibu Trip Photos

I was having technical difficulties tonight.  The first photo should be rotated  clockwise 90 degrees to be viewed in its proper orientation.

Images from my trip to Malibu and Long Beach:


Aldhis said...

You surely have a skill in digital photos. :)
Thank you for visiting Stories of Picture. I'm glad to have new friend.
Your blog is good too and I believe could inspire me more.

Shea said...

I like the effects,
lol almost feel like I comment too much, but I really do love your photography and blog

Bikran said...

Great effects erik .Wonderfully done.
You got my vote on BOTB.All the best :)

nick said...

Nice photos. I think you pull off the neon very well... it's a risky move. :)

Erik said...


Thanks. I think we should do all we can in the blogosphere to inspire each other.


Thanks. I love reading your comments. I work really long at getting my photos the way I do. It's always great to hear what other artists think. I appreciate your input...comment all you like!

Thanks Bikran,

Your photos transport me to the other side of the world.

Thank you. I agree about the neon. You should have seen the first few versions...Ugh.