06 December 2008

Sunshine Settles Sticky

Breathing, brushing, hoping
Darkness and shadows until
Sight and integration fade 

Sushine settles sticky
Like honey crust 
On cave walls
Revealing rivers of DNA 
spanning the face 
of this muslin planet

Slowing to still
Hanging on the 
Edge of creation


Clarisse Teagen said...

hmmmh :)
a poem that varies..

Shea said...

The sun feels good this time of year

Erik said...


Thanks for the visit. I find that most of my poetry varies. :)


The sun here probably feels better than the sun there.

Chunks of Reality said...

You are so entirely gifted! My gawd!

I love your poems and your pictures and wish so much that I had at least a 1/100th of the talent that you have!!

inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

Nice poem!!! Keep it up!!