09 December 2008

Well of Joy

I look into the pool and am transported--
Mountains, rainbows, trees, and you.

Drops tumble and crash; creating mist--
Ethers that enable our lifetimes to touch

Beet flowers, beauty and dreams--
My soul recognizes you in any form.



Amber said...

Beets - magical, mystical, pulsating red embers peeled up from the earth! Been reading Tom Robbins?

Here. Since you are on Entrecard, I made this for you. Use it if you want but don't feel obliged - I was just bored. :) You get more clicks with a customized icon.


Bikran said...

Amazingly beautiful. And your poem adds more beauty to your already beautiful picture. :)

By the way congratulation for winning the battle.;)

Erik said...


I should have known you would be one to catch the reference. I read most of his books a number of years ago and Jitterbug Perfume holds a special place in my heart.

Thank you for the icon. That was so sweet of you! I have been trying to edit it to the exact size it needs to be, but am having some difficulty.


Thank you. Keep on blogging, I enjoy your photos very much. It makes me want to travel to Nepal to share in and document more of it's beauty.

Amber said...

Hmm...I thought I had sized it to their requirements! Sorry! :(

Erik said...

no prob. It was a wonderful thought. It was sized at 123x125 instead of 125x125 and my software is not cooperating on the resize.

Amber said...

Huzzah! Success achieved!


Erik said...

Huzzah!!! Success! Thanks, dear pixie.