06 February 2009

More Carnaval 2009 Photos - Austin, TX

To see the the additional pictures I promised from Carnaval In Austin, click here to be taken to the Flickr set.


Martin in Bulgaria said...

More like a carnival of photographs, this cheered me up today, thanks!

Jason said...

Meat guy rules!

Shea said...

You are a great artist. I love your photography.
Have you seen Vicky Christina Barcelona? I saw it last night, and I loved it, but of course I am a huge Woody Allen fan.

Erik said...

Thanks Martin, Your Bulgarian blog is fun to read.

I agree Jason. He's one of my favorites. I have been playing with different treatments of his photo, but haven't found one I like enough just yet.

Thanks Shea, you're not so bad yourself! Haven't seen it yet, but still plan to. We watched burn after reading last night and watching the Nixon interviews tonight. We're not watching the movie, but the documentary this evening.

Spicybugz said...

I really enjoyed this. I enjoy most of your photo's.