07 February 2009

Earth Bags with The-Shire

We got out of bed early this morning after going to bed very early this morning.  Why would we do such a thing?  So we could help to build an addition with earth bags, of course.  Nick Moser and Sandor Stockfleth of The-Shire.org shared their experience and insights.

One really cool thing about this is that even a lovely, pregnant, young lady was able to help because we were not using any toxic materials and most parts of the process do not include  heavy lifting.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday and I encourage everyone out there to volunteer to help do some sustainable building in your community.


Shea said...

that's really cool

spicybugz said...

That is really neat. I never heard of it before. I also think its really great that you volunteer in your community.

artist victoria o'neill said...

hello, i really like all the photos on your blog.....very artistic and colorful. great post here on volunteering too..