14 February 2009

My Valentine's Day Wish

My heart, my heart
So much I wish to say
The beauty of your love
Colours my universe

Thank you for this dance
Our trails of joy
Decorate the sky 
With a cosmic sparkle

May this dance continue forever.


Bikran said...

I loved the color combination .. Very beautiful . Is that a lotus ?

Erik said...

Thank you. And...Yes it is. It is more evident from a distance, but yes it is a lotus. I love the form of the lotus; it is divine geometry alive.

Dave said...

Very Nice, lovely photo and poem

Shea said...

may it continue

sabahking said...

wonderful lotus ..... if present at the valentine it is very great !!

Arlene said...

How lucky am I?

dino said...


dragonsongbird said...

And we still dance; sometimes stepping on each others' toes; but celebrating the synchronicity nonetheless. Happy Valentine's Day.

Erik said...

Thanks Dave.

Shea - You've been following long enough to know the truth in these words. Thanks for your wishes.

Thanks sabahking, I thought it was a wonderful Valentine's gift. I liked your idea for Valentine's day, also.

Arlene - You know I am the lucky one.

Dragonsongbird - Here's to the neverending dance! Happy Valentine's day.

smellyrhinostudio said...

i like the emotions here!