21 March 2009

Johnny Cash - Done Differently

I grew up in Texas and saw Johnny Cash at the Houston rodeo when I was about 5 years old. You could say I have been a Cash fan almost my entire life.  His "Ring of Fire" is etched in the minds and hearts of Texans and millions around the world.  

Adam Lambert throws out the original arrangement, supplants it with a more Middle Eastern score and makes it his own.  I included the long version for context. If you only want to watch the singing portion, it begins about 1:40 in.  

I know what you are thinking: "I can't believe he posted an American Idol video."  I can't either.  I hope that he loses the American Idol competition and just allows this to jump start his career.  The kid is discovered now, he don't need no stinking corporate handlers.

P.S.  Please forgive me for posting something that has a Coca-Cola subliminal throughout. 


Dragonsongbird said...

Coco-Cola - not exactly SUBliminal ;) But, I agree! This kid is amazing and I would by his album today..... :D

earthtoholly said...

Okay, I admit it...I'm an Idol fan. I love this guy. I think he'll at least be in the final four...

Okay, I'll cut the drivel now as I'm guessin' this ain't your cuppa tea...or Coke... :o)

agoodwitchtoo said...

Love me some Johnny Cash so I'm always hesitant when it comes to some one else trying to attempt one of his songs...

He did great!

PS. Hope your wife gives in to your desire to try Encaustics :) I think it is perhaps one of the most unique forms of art I've seen!

A.J. said...

Everytime my family and I watch this show my dad always says that they shouldn't even go on with American Idol because its not going to be fair to the other contestants because he thinks this guy is going to win the show. But as for that week, the song was really WEIRD! He sang it like a hypnotical thing. Not sure what you call those type of songs. But in a way I liked it? I just felt all confused about his song. But I still think he has this show in the bag!

Erik said...

Yes Dragon,
Agreeing with your stinger out...Dear Scorpio. :)

Earth to Holly,
I still hope he doesn't win. He is SO discovered, he can write his own ticket and not have to promote corporate sponsors--The hippy in me talking.

Thanks...I'll make certain she sees your comments. Grin.


I'm glad to hear you kept an open mind even though it was surprising and confusing. Art is often that way. It allows for many perspectives and interpretations. He is an amazing vocalist and Johnny Cash is one of my all-time favorite musicians (I do have many).

Dorothy L said...

ahhhh..and I was going to actually take a minute out to watch an American idol video...just my luck....:)

Have a great day!

Marjie said...

Ahh....I love Adam. But you're right, winning AI would only taint his future career. Look what befalls David Cook these days. Sad, but true!

Erik said...

Glad I could help! I think they have removed it though. I have searched it out and replaced it several time, but I guess the idol folks are pretty diligent about the copyright stuff.

Right? I'm still not following the show but I hope you let me know if I miss anything mindblowing.