12 March 2009

Morning Music - Mother of All Funk Chords

Funk is a form of self-expression that says I am exploding with something to say.  It reigns it in, pulls it tight and does the pelvic thrust.  It says I am angry, so I dance!  I am enraged and I snap my fingers! I am in love, so my hips gyrate and I may be poor; but I am O so happy!!! 

Tonight we jam.  Tomorrow...We don't know if there's a tomorrow.  

 "Kutiman-Thru-You-01-Mother of All Funk Chords":


Dragonsongbird said...

Gorgeous!! Brings me back to my stage band days in high school. :D (I played French Horn and transposed T-bone parts; untraditional, I know, but oh so awesome!!)

Shea said...

wow, so cool, reminds me Miles Davis, bitches brew, awesome

Melissa said...

Can you feel it??!!! Get get funky! Melissa

viveca said...

I love to dance and it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to boost energy and break out of any kind of slump (writer's block, low self-esteem, tedious chore blues.)

Years ago when I ended a major relationship I was so down, lonely and disconnected. The last thing I wanted was to fill that gaping hole with another loser relationship.

I signed up for Salsa Classes. Long story short, I got the touch and connection I craved (2 min with this man - 2 min with that man!) and made a whole new group of fun friends. Physically I worked out the kinks in what had been a chronic back pain and got back a supple spine.

So yes! Let's dance, dance, dance!


Anonymous said...


Erik said...

Thanks for the comments, I would respond individually but my butt keeps wanting to dance. Oh yeah.

Much love.