09 March 2009

Heart of Texas Regatta

Photos from this weekend's Heart of Texas Regatta on Town Lake:

 (Some call it Ladybird Lake Now, I still call it Town Lake).

Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Many more regattas listed here.


Ron Centeno said...

Must have been a lot of fun to watch!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog... It was almost 70º here in Oregon on Friday and we had snow/sleet this morning. Kooky weather, indeed!

Shea said...

looks like a lot of fun

A.J. said...

That looks like you had tons of fun. If you go to my site
http://teenchristiansite.blogspot.com I have awarded you the Friendship Award. You can go to it and if you have any questions on how to get it, just ask!
Alyssa Jaide

Dorothy said...

Thanks for visiting our blog and this looks like fun..

Enjoy life and I do as well..

Dorothy form grammology

BC Doan said...

Beautiful photos!

Did you use some kind of effects on them to have that colors?