21 April 2009

Beauty - It's in the Eyes

It's in the eyes
It always has been

It's not about 
Bodies or clothing

It never has been
It's always the eyes


Stephen Baird said...

you have great photos here. enjoyed all i viewed ... will be back.

Wiccan Wonder said...

I don't think it's all in the eyes, though a large portion of it certainly is. I think the whole face is taken into consideration, but the eyes play a large part.

Erik said...

Thanks Stephen,
I checked out your site and enjoyed your photography, as well. The your site too. I especially liked the aircraft carrier and "Dropping In On Emergency Wing".

Wiccan Wonder. You are quite correct, it's not all in the eyes. No person can be defined by any one trait...thankfully.

Dragonsongbird said...

The eyes tell the story the voice cannot give rise to.

Erik said...

You said it quite eloquently. Thank you.

Anna said...

Wow these are nice eyes, especially on the second one, and you are right it's in the eyes. Anna :)

Erik said...

Thanks Anna,
The first got much more pixelated than I expected when the final touches were done. Both were shot with a web cam with very low resolution. I thought them worthy of playing with.