22 April 2009

Consume Something

Budding Austin Film artist, Nichelle Deaver, provides today's short, thought provoking video. 

 Kellington Brown is the young lady in the video.


Melissa Gonzales said...

Awesome!! I remember thinking along these lines on the photoshoots sooo many times.. I prefered being a photo assistant to stylist...partly because I was one for so long... it was more fun being a photo assistant and hanging with the guys- no pressure! All we wore was black :)! I mss everyone... I wonder what their take would be on listening to audio in normal stereo vs. astoundstereo. I'd like to explore the idea of freeing sound! SoundArt at festivals.. I heard the FLaming Lips once had a headphone concert in a tent.. I'm glad the summer is here!! TX is shining bright I bet. Thank you for the video!! :) Say Hello to Arlene! :) M

Dragonsongbird said...

There is much to say about this short film. The first thing it reminded me of in anorexia and the images of starvation we see in the media. The second thing that came to my mind was the horrible modern Jacobean Tragedy film, "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover" and the scene where they were cramming library book pages down someones throat with a wooden spoon - I had to stop watching the film at that point. This film also raised my gag reflex. Uck. Much to think about - an excellent thing in the arts! Kudos

Erik said...

LOL. A only wore black for about the first 4 years I knew her because of photo assisting and working in the theatre. Astoundstereo blows away anything I've ever heard before. You guys are on to an amazing technology!
I hope you get back to Texas soon. Come share some of the sunshine, there's plenty for everyone! A says, "Hi" back. Tell Jerry, "Hi". He's a rockstar.

Thanks Dragonsongbird,
I will pass along your response. I expect they will appreciate it. I hope to introduce you to them soon.

heather0417 said...

Kellinton Brown is my cousin whom I haven't seen in years. if anyone knows her could you tell her Heather jacobs in vermont was looking for her.Just want to reconnect. Thanks

Erik said...


She is a friend of mine, I will let her know. If you want to send your details so that she can contact you, send them to my e-mail address listed on my profile and I will forward it.