28 April 2009

Join My Song

Amazing, it is: the heat of sound
The soul's exuberant exhalation

Supreme execution of release
By voice and string vibration

Throw your flames into my fire
Raise your voice, join my song


Dragonsongbird said...

Amazing indeed...

Listen to the music.
It closes distances;
Sings in my ear and yours,

I sing your song
As you sing mine.
And together,
We will change the world.

Anonymous said...


Music lifts my soul
Out of sleepy mood
Your song plays gently
In the distance I heard..

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Perfect juxtaposition of the picture and the words... I love it! Then again, I expect nothing less from yor Truth & Beauty.


P.S. -- glad to have you on my EntreCard widget today.