26 April 2009

Lake Austin Turtle

This guy was nonplussed by the Rowing Events on Lake Austin today.

I hope to have photos from the races soon.


Garden Girls peace love light said...

i just adore this photo - did you use an effect for it?

Stephen Baird said...

good show! i love doing this with photos ... but i'm not sure if you do it the same way.
i send photo to negative first ... then i muck around with contrast, saturation and i often swap the RGB channels to achieve a very different way to view something. it often achieves a very similar "artist" feel ... like this one. bravo.

Erik said...

Garden Girls,
I played with the curves, contrast, saturation, etc. It took about 30 minutes, but I really enjoying manipulating my photos.

Thanks Stephen,
I really enjoy it. I have been enjoying your blog lately, too. You have an eye.

go green said...

yeah nicely done...first time i saw turtles with yellowish back...nice effect!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

your turtle glows in the sun,,,how fascinating to see yellow water...
thanks for visiting my site. i will be back to visit you

Amy V said...

very nice blog!

Dragonsongbird said...

Thanks for the contribution to Delaney's "special helper" show and tell project of an animal photo album!